Do you or your loved ones need assistance at home? Are you recovering from injury, or living with a chronic illness? Whether you are looking for a skilled nurse or personal care provider to assist you during or after recovery in your home, Happy Place Care Services, is the agency you can depend on.

We take pride in our personalized approach to the health care we provide for you or your loved ones. We are also equipped with the necessary skills that ensure comfortability while lifting worries and decreasing anxiety. Our team of health care professionals and non-skilled caregivers strived to meet your every needs by understanding your healthcare plan. We ensure that you or your loved ones enjoy your stay at home by being reliable. More than anything we value your safety while showing compassion and understanding.

We look forward to being part of your personal goal to healing. At Happy Place Care Services, your choices are heard, and your opinions matter. Set an appointment below to get started!

We act with integrity, compassion, and determination to establish authentic connection and instill hope in our patients, team members, and community.


We are compelled to do our best work every day, providing a high standard of ethical care and an inclusive culture.


We are driven by our patient stories, committed to understanding and focused on caring for individual needs.


We are determined to create positive change, overcome obstacles, face adversity, and never give up in proving patients the healing they need.


Providing every individual patient the medical care they truly need.


Respect the innate dignity of the patients we care for and their families. And create an effective care plan in collaboration with the patient, treatment team, staff and families to promote optimal patient outcome.